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Biennale of venice

The 57th Edition of the Venice Biennale

Art Régie Transport is pleased to publish a second Newsletter in partnership with Jean Christophe GIUSEPPI  (JCG Art Advisory).
The 57th edition of the Venice Biennale, arguably the biggest event in the world of contemporary art, opens its doors on May 13th.

Author : Jean-Christophe Giuseppi

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The 57th edition of the Venice Biennale, arguably the biggest event in the world of contemporary art, opens its doors on May 13th.

In addition to a city-wide art extravaganza, the Venice Biennale foundation organizes different events around dance, music, architecture and cinema. Although non-commercial and cultural in nature, the event attracts dealers, collectors and critics who are searching for the next « star » artists on the scene. Since its inception in 1895 the Biennale has been held every two years and now attracts nearly half a million visitors.


For the 2017 edition Christine Macel, head curator at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, holds the honour of curating the monumental show. Her central exhibition « Viva Arte Viva » aims to mix media, established artists and emerging young talent. Overall some 120 artists from 51 countries have been invited including 103 for their first time, to create work in Venice.


Visiting the Biennale is unlike any other international exhibition. Visitors take water taxis to the main site–the Giardini just east of Piazza San Marco. Here numerous pavilions are designated to the nationality of the artist exhibiting inside. This year Mark Bradford represents the United States, Phyllida Barlow is showing for the UK and Xavier Veilhan for France. The installations inside the pavilions are the result of years of work and can permanently earn an artist a place in the canon. Xavier Veilhan’s installation « Studio Venezia » will take the form of a 1970s recording studio and will immerse visitors in the process of making classical, pop and experimental music.

In 1999 the Biennale added the Arsenale to its programme. A sprawling exhibition space made of vast warehouses that once belonged to the Italian navy allows for the realisation of monumental works and installations. This year Iceland will build two massive cannibal trolls each 36 meters high. Danish artist Olafur Eliasson’s contribution will address political and humanitarian issues with his project « Green Light » and aims to help the migrants through the production of lamps made of recycled materials.

The city of Venice provides the perfect backdrop for satellite exhibitions with its opulent palaces, squares and sometimes even churches housing contemporary art. British artist Damien Hirst makes a return to the scene with exhibitions at the Palazzo Grassi and  François Pinault’s Punta della Dogana space. The straddled show entitled « Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable » tells the story of a fantastical legend: an ancient ship that sank off the coast of Africa, carrying with it its priceless cargo. The treasures inside provide the meat of the exhibition with sphinxes, Greek statues, bronze colossi, and jewels dazzling viewers and reminding us what our contemporary false idols are.

Perhaps affirming the Venice Biennale’s position of importance in the art world, London-based blue chip gallery Victoria Miro will open a new space just in time for the 57th Biennale. It’s debut exhibition will be devoted to one of the most emblematic living artists, Chris Ofili. The celebrity British painter, won’t fail to attract important collectors as they gather en masse for the vernissage of the Biennale on May 10th.

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The 57th Edition of the Venice Biennale

Jean-Christophe Giuseppi is an art advisor specializing in collection management, valuations, acquisitions and sales.