When the value of goods exceeds the limits of liability (LOTI Act: €23/kg) described in section 9.2 of our Terms and Conditions, we recommend our customers to purchase Ad Valorem insurance covering transportation risks.

Art Régie Transport suggests its customers purchase Ad Valorem insurance (for damage to transported goods) with the insurance company AXA Transport. The premium insurance rates have been negotiated with the company to be offered to customers of Art Régie Transport.


Upon acceptance by the customer of the transportation estimates proposed by Art Régie Transport, the customer will have the opportunity to subscribe to a temporary warranty for the transportation period with the company AXA Transport.

To do this, the customer must fill in the “Additional option” section of our estimate form :

– By responding yes to the question: For this service, do you want Ad Valorem “damage to goods” insurance on the total “declared” value of the delivery ?

– By indicating: The value or objects to cover in response to the question: Total “declared” value of the delivery by the customer ?

This declared “value” acts both as :

– the basis to calculate the insurance premium payable by the customer,

– the basis for customer compensation in case of damage.

In case of damage, the AXA Transport insurance company will compensate the client the amount of the damage, according to the “declared” value of the object, on the condition that the insured present a proof of purchase or replacement justifying the “declared” value.

For there to be compensation, the recipient should have made “observations” on delivery (See: “Condition report on objects”) as described in Article 8 of our Terms and Conditions, and this should be confirmed within 3 days.

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